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Friday, May 5, 2017

The Tao Philippines Experience

Daracuton Island, Palawan, Philippines
Daracuton Island

Note: Some of the photos are from the other travelers in the Tao Expedition. Thank you to Venediktos (or Ben) for giving me permission to post his beautiful photos especially the night and underwater photos. Thank you Ben!

Coron felt unfamiliar. It wasn’t like the small and sleepy town I remember from seven years ago. It was busy and crowded with so many tourists. There were now bars for partying. But we were only there for less than two days before we start the five-day boat expedition with Tao Philippines. So it was all good. I was ready for a few days of isolation and escape from the 'real world'.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Tamang Heritage Trail

Nagthali, Tamang Heritage Trail, Nepal

In March 2015, I trekked the Tamang Heritage Trail. A month after, the April 25 earthquake struck destroying the villages and the trail. Rebuilding of the villages and reconstruction of the trail are still underway. The ongoing fuel crisis has it made quite challenging recently, as in the whole of Nepal. But along with the Tamang people and of all Nepalese, I have hope that one day (hopefully soon), the villages and its people will recover.
Monday, January 4, 2016

This Past Decade (the 20s)

Togakushi Shrine Oshuka, Nagano, Japan
Togakushi, Nagano, Japan // November 2015

This is a post I wrote January of 2015, and realized that I haven't published it for reasons that I can not remember anymore. I actually didn't post anything in 2015, only that of Togakushi at the end of the year. It's the first Monday of 2016, and I just turned thirty over a month ago.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Beautiful Walks in Japan: Togakushi Shrine Okusha

Togakushi Shrine Oshuka, Nagano, Japan

It was already 8am when I woke up, buried under a pile of comforter and blankets. Outside it was white out, the streets covered in fog. It was so easy to be lazy and stay warm, but I had to catch a bus, a train, and another bus to see the path lined with giant trees going to Togakushi Shrine. It was this one photo from Instagram tagged #nagano that pulled me in and convinced me to make the day trip to Togakushi. It was a place you probably wouldn’t see in Japan’s wikitravel or in any of the popular travel blogs so there really weren’t much information written about it. But I knew I had to try to see it.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Photo Essay : Breathtaking Batanes

Chawa View Deck, Batanes, Philippines

Our van continued to turn sharp curves and narrow one-way roads until we reached the foot of Vayang Rolling Hills. We got off the van and immediately felt the strong wind pushing against us. It was just a few meters to go to the edge of the hill where an amazing view awaits us; at least our guide reassured us this. Two of my friends had fear of heights with one a petite size that I immediately thought that the strong wind can literally push her. I attempted to take a video of that short walk to the edge, but I couldn’t hold my phone steady and my eyes stung from the strong wind.